About Us

A brand new image, fresh and ready to go. We want to experience the joy of change by your side, we believe in spicing things up, in making every moment special and memorable, we believe that a smile can light up any situation. Life is happening right now, so let’s enjoy it every bite together

Our story

Balmoro starts as a family dream, to create delicious snacks full of flavor

The house blend is born! A mix of natural chiles and spices combined with real fruit to create something unique.

Starting a new millennium with a refresh, new logo, new products and more customers!

Our products reach every corner of Mexico thanks to great business partners. Consumers recognize the quality and flavor of our products

The roaring 20’s: Balmoro focuses on creating something special, a family of products that delights our consumers, a brand that transmits compromise and professionalism to our business partners and the commitment of developing a global brand.

Our values

We rely on the fruit real flavor and the natural ingredients, the flavor is not only obtained, it’s been created by mixing different elements.

The balance consists in finding the perfect point where the taste meets the taste, generating the maximum sensation of each one of the elements.

We love people and what they do. Our processes need their experience, curiosity, emotions and passion.

Each bite triggers a moment of satisfaction. We exist to see our consumers enjoy each of our products, bite after bite.

For us, it is important to be at all special moments with your family, to then become memories; with esch bite, those memories will come back to you.