Dehydrated fruit

Mango Enchilado
Mango Enchilado Limón
Mango Enchilado Extreme
Piña Enchilada

Spicy Mango

Tasty spicy mango, with a delicious mixture of sweet and spicy, so that your meetings at the office have another flavor. They come in different sizes so you can enjoy them your own way.

Spicy Pineapple​

Spicy Dried Pineapple can be described in three words: “Full of flavor”. Enjoy it in different sizes to fit your mood and lifestyle

Spicy-Lemon Mango

If citrus flavors are your strong suit, this snack is ideal for you, as we mix the sweetness of Mango with the acidic flavor of Lemon to make something super delicious. We have it in different packed sizes for all your hunger levels.

Extreme-Spicy Mango

If you are a fan of strong emotions, this extreme combination of spicy with mango will be a delight for you. We invite you to taste the excess of flavor in all of our different packed sizes.